Boys Beware! Period Talk And Gay Men In Cars Dominate Classic Sex Ed Videos

Ranker posts a list of the "Ten Most Bizzare" videos created for sexual education. Though many of the clips are unintentionally hilarious (who opens a conversation with "So I had a wet dream last night?"), some reveal stubborn societal beliefs.

For example, take this video on homosexuality. Starting out with a clear message — "Boys Beware" — the video propagates some of the myths that are still seen in homophobic behavior:

Gay rights activists could play bingo with this one. The video explains:

  • Gay men prey on young boys
  • Homosexuality is a mental disease
  • Being gay is contagious

Other shorts seem oddly au courant, considering the decline in condom usage. In this one hard-charging military doctor is not about anyone's bullshit:

Doc: And you, did you use a rubber?
Sailor: No Doc, she said she was married.

(Note to television producers: I would watch 30 minute episodes of "Ship of Shame." Please drop the reality TV bone and get to work.)


Sadly, some of these videos seem like a bastardized version of Our Bodies, Our Selves.

Wait, did that kid go back to masturbating thinking about his mom's words?

No wonder we have such fucked up attitudes about sex these days.

The 10 Most Bizarre Sex Ed Videos [Ranker]

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