“It’s a metaphor,” is what I would’ve told this poor kid who stepped in dog poop and really couldn’t deal with it.

Watch as the boy looks down at his feet and bellows out to the world. No one hears him. No one at all, even the people he thought cared about him the most. Instead, his caregivers whip out a phone to tape this traumatic moment and laugh. Filled with incredible rage, disgust and terror, the boy erupts. “I stepped in poop!” he yells.

Not only did he step in dog poop, he was barefoot while doing so. He tries to remove the poop, but it’s futile. It’s not coming off. It’s never coming off. In this moment, he considers the advice his grandfather once told him: “When something yucky happens, standing still and screaming is really the best remedy.”

Note the dog in the beginning of the video, who looks on with no emotion as the scene unfolds, feeling only a sliver of guilt. He’ll do it again. Oh, he’ll poop again. And someday when the boy is older, he’ll look back on this moment and laugh.

“Ah, if only I’d worn shoes,” he’ll say. “I mean, the shoes would still have been covered in poop, but my feet would have been clean...”


PS: This was the alternate opening scene of Boyhood.

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