Boy Scouts Forced to Help Police Convict Accused Sexual Abusers

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When Boy Scouts leaders get a free second from teaching our country's male youth how to tie knots/not be gay, they love to argue that they've done all they can to prevent sexual abuse.


Now, however, the organization has announced its intention to start notifying police departments across the country about suspected abusers — not out of sheer goodness and an urge to help others "be prepared," but because the Scouts have been court-ordered to release an internal list of pedophiles that they've used to keep known sex offenders away for decades. According to the AP, "That has prompted Scouts spokesman Deron Smith to say the organization will go back into the files and report any offenders who may have fallen through the cracks."


Ah, the "cracks" that appear when you try to cover stuff up.

Boy Scouts to report pedophiles missed previously [AP]

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... I think I haz a little bit of a confused.

So they kept lists of known sex offenders... isn't that public information? Wouldn't the cops have that?

Additionally, if they were unregistered/alleged sex offenders and the Boy Scouts kept lists... why would they be compelled to turn that list in to the authorities? Or is this all a fancy way of saying "There were reports and proof of sex offenders in our ranks but we didn't turn them in."? ALSO: even in that instance, is it the BSA's LEGAL responsibility to turn that name over to the police. I'm actually asking. Obviously it's the moral thing to do, but are they mandated reporters?