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Boxer And Kitten Nuzzle Tentatively, Remind Everyone To Embrace Each Others' Differences

As ever, Reddit giveth, and Reddit taketh away. Today, the seething mass of Internet humanity in all its shades presents us with a delightful video of Lennon the boxer's first-ever encounter with a kitten. Neither of them seem scared, like each one is encountering a friendly alien of a vastly different size, and now they are probably best friends because life is perfect, right? :D


[Tastefully Offensive]

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So is it like, written in to boxers' genetic code that they get along with everyone? Every boxer I have ever known just seems to be screaming out, "please let's be best friends and play forever and ever! We can jump and jump and hug and jump and have fun all the time!"

My neighbor has 2 boxers, and they want to be friends with my dog SO BAD, but she's so afraid of them, because they were way too high-energy when she met them as a puppy, and it totally freaked her out. In fairness to them, she hates most dogs.