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Bourdain And Batali Talk Wet Spots, Sushi

Illustration for article titled Bourdain And Batali Talk Wet Spots, Sushi

"I believe in food and sex; I believe in food then sex; food and sex together? I'm always deeply disturbed by people who get a little too excited talking about chocolate," says Anthony Bourdain.


In Serious Eats' "Chewing the Fat" feature, the latest installment features maverick chef and tall drink of water Anthony Bourdain talking sex. Which is great, except he talks it with Mario Batali, whose orange crocs you can just sense lurking under the table as he pontificates about how “there’s a couple of ways of making someone happy by putting something inside of them." In fact, if we had to make a list of people we wouldn't want to ever see talking about sex, Mario Batali would be right up there with Alan Greenspan and Dakota Fanning. And as if the idea of the crocs on a nude Batali wasn't quite enough, he talks about sex in this gross, knowing, smirky way that's kind of left a frozen expression of horror on our collective faces. Bourdain, however, is typically louche. Which is to say, watch it.
Mario Batali & Anthony Bourdain Talk About Sex And Now My Vagina Is Confused [Serious Eats via Best Week Ever]

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Tony Bourdain is coming here to Raleigh in Feb and I HAVE TICKETS!! It is my mission to meet him, and make him take a picture with me. AHHHH I cant wait! :)