Boss Lady Iris Apfel: 'Kids Can't Buy $15,000 Dresses'

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How many five-figure dresses do you own? Say, none? (We’re not counting frocks on lend from Rent the Runway, btw.)


Well of course you don’t, says Iris Apfel, poster lady for the “older women” movement that’s sweeping Hollywood culture and featured interviewee in an upcoming issue of The Hollywood Reporter. She puts it bluntly: “The fashion industry glorifies youth, which is wonderful, but 18-year-old kids can’t buy $15,000 dresses. Women in their 60s to 80s have expendable funds and time to go shopping, but they can’t find anything. It’s about time.”

The issue also features literary spirit animal Joan Didion, and hopefully-on-the-mend musical icon Joni Mitchell, among other movers and shakers of a certain age who won’t stop, can’t stop—and why would they? They’re total badasses.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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Well to be fair, most 60-year-olds can’t buy $15,000 dresses either. And anyone who can afford to spend that kind of money on a single outfit doesn’t actually have trouble finding anything to wear, not if they’re trying. I’m all about the old broads but I don’t really get this argument.