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Bored With Saving Lives, Lifeguards Make Videos Homophobic Hitler Videos

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A group of British lifeguards have drawn fire for making a YouTube video in which they impersonate Hitler, make homophobic jokes, and pretend to have sex with a life jacket.

According to the Telegraph, the members of Britain's Royal Naval Lifeboat Institution shot the video on a busy beach, using official RNLI equipment. The video appears to have been removed from YouTube, but here are some lowlights, courtesy of the Telegraph and Daily Mail:

  • "a bare-bottomed male lifeguard pretending to make love to a buoyancy aid"
  • a sex ed segment based on Sesame Street, in which a lifeguard spells out the word "safe." According to the DM, "He says: ‘S is for STIs', while his suggestions for the letters A and F are too crude to print. 'E is for Emergency. Always have an escape plan. Worst comes to worst, punch her in the stomach, chuck her down the stairs.'"
  • a lifeguard impersonating Hitler
  • "three near-naked men, dressed only in red Speedos, attempting to recreate Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' dance, under the heading 'Beyondgay'"
  • a red-headed lifeguard in a Speedo, accompanied by the following narration: "Some say he's not ginger, his hair is actual fire. Some say his closet is so deep, it goes all the way to Narnia. Some say he sucked his Aussie accent right out of another man. Some say he slept with two women...and both of them were men."
  • Somehow this sharp wit failed to appeal to RNLI officials — they've apologized and announced that they will discipline the lifeguards responsible. This is a relief, especially since it's unclear who was guarding the beach while the RNLI folks were busy acting like douchebags.
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