Boo, The Internet's Most Adorable Dog, Is Now An Adorable Stuffed Animal

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Move over, Elmo. There's a new highly-coveted toy in town. What's that? You already did your holiday shopping this year? Tough shit. Gund has just announced a plush version of America's cutest dog. Kids — or, let's be real here, any adult with a soul — are going to go nuts over this thing. In fact, I'm announcing it right now: This is all I want for Christmas. Queue up that Mariah and Bieber duet! I'm changing the lyrics: "All I Want For Christmas Is Boo."


Oh, wait. A problem: The product hasn't been launched yet. Worse, Gund (the company also responsible for Troll dolls in the '90s) is asking people to "Like" a Facebook page in order to be eligible to receive the first-ever edition of said Boo doll. (You had better believe I did it already.) The toy looks so much like the real thing! As soon as these puppies (har) go on sale, we'll let report back. Until then, I'll just be staring at this photo album of the real Boo for the rest of the day...


[GUND via Best Week Ever]

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