Bolivian State Politician Caught on Video Allegedly Raping Unconscious Woman on Parliament Floor

Bolivian lawmaker Domingo Alcibia Rivera was caught on camera allegedly raping a colleague on the Parliament floor on December 20th after an alcohol-fueled holiday luncheon. But until the video was leaked this week, the story was hushed up.

The video shows several people placing an unconscious woman in a chair as Rivera approaches (above). Everyone leaves but Rivera remains and, once the lights are out, he appears to rape her. He is interrupted when the lights go back on and people re-enter the room. They then proceed to prop the woman back up in her chair.


According to, the footage (which is disturbing, so click with caution) was caught by security cameras but only came to light recently when someone uploaded the video to YouTube; according to reports, the guards who were on duty that night were dismissed after the incident. Rivera has also conveniently disappeared, and the rape survivor was given another post.

Bolivian President Evo Morales condemned those involved yesterday, kind of; he said they should be put on indefinite leave until more information is known. According to La Razón, the Attorney General of Bolivia is now taking legal action against outlets posting the video.


More than half of Bolivian women have suffered domestic violence, according to a recent and very relevant report.

Sexual assault happens — and is perpetuated and ignored by powerful forces — everywhere, in every country, in every possible scenario.



[h/t Frances Martel]

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