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Boehner's Staff Pals Around With Anti-Choice Terrorists

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Randall Terry to abortion providers: "When I, or people like me, are running the country, you'd better flee, because we will find you, we'll try you, and we will execute you." And he just met with Speaker Boehner's senior staff.


In the 1995 speech where he threatened to execute doctors and clinic escorts, the radical anti-choice activist Terry also said, "If we're going to have true reformation in America, it is because men once again, if I may use a worn out expression, have righteous testosterone flowing through their veins."

Luckily for Terry, Boehner isn't just anti-choice; he also has a cohort of staff and allies that's been dubbed "Boehner's Boys" by EMILY's List. That's why Terry isn't just outside protesting anymore — he's getting a seat at the table, with a meeting with John Boehner's chief of staff right after the elections earlier this month.


NARAL issued a statement saying in part, "The Randall Terry meeting signifies that, when it comes to listening to the most extreme elements of the anti-choice movement, Boehner is all ears."

Right. And anyone who cares about protecting choice should also be listening to the messages Boehner himself is sending — and add their own to the clamor.

Randall Terry And Crew Met With Boehner's Chief Of Staff [RWW]

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One of the best moments of my teenage existence was tying Randall Terry's shoes together and making him trip. I wish I could do it a thousand times more, preferably next to a ledge.