Body Snarking Hillary Buttons a Lowlight at California GOP Convention

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It’s time to consider the possibility that the GOP is the giant panda of political parties. That is, in much the same way that pandas simply refuse to fuck even to save their species, Republicans seem to be trying to will themselves out of existence one convention/gaffe/election cycle at a time. Case in point: at the recent GOP convention in Anaheim, Calif., some body-snarking button maker decided that the best way to attract more female voters to the Republican cause was to criticize Hillary Clinton, one of the most prominent women in politics on either side of the aisle, for her body.

If any part of the GOP needs some good PR, it’s the California GOP. Republican politicians are, generally, non-entities (Arnold Schwarzenegger notwithstanding) in a state that prides itself on its progressivism. Indeed, attendees at the California Republican Party convention in Anaheim probably hoped that the centrist Republican leaders in their state might outline a strategy for attracting new voters to the party. Part of the convention’s agenda was to figure out how to attract more women voters, something the modern Republican Party is notoriously awful at doing. Instead, the big news so far out the convention has been this:


YOU GET IT?? Because Hillary Clinton, a presumptive presidential candidate in 2016, is a woman in the public sphere, and so therefore must be held accountable for her body and her professional competence. Hey bro, relax — it’s just California GOP rules. Don’t stress! The party is sinking deeper into irrelevance everyday. In about a year, the California Republican Party convention will be held in somebody’s basement over a twelve-pack of Mountain Dew and a Halo marathon.

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A Farce to Be Reckoned With

Why women continue to support such a blatantly misogynist group of [every foul insult I can think of is entering my brain at once], is beyond me.