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Bobby McFerrin Offers World's Greatest Advice

Illustration for article titled Bobby McFerrin Offers Worlds Greatest Advice

Bobby McFerrin has the right idea.

In case you're wondering, yes there is a depressing theory that this is probably Photoshopped. But it still needs to be seen by the world. If it is 'shopped, I would personally like to use this opportunity to strongly urge McFerrin to get himself a "Don't worry be Yoncé shirt," take a picture wearing it and send it ASAP to, care of Rebecca Rose. The world needs this to be a reality, sir.



ETA: One of our esteemed commenters says this pic is real. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

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It's not Photoshopped. I used to nanny for the McFerrins and am friends with their kids. It's a photo one of his kids took. Pretty brill.