Bobby Jindal's Gets His Kids' Hopes Up In Bizarre Campaign Announcement

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Governor Bobby Jindal has officially joined the traveling circus of obnoxious Republican men who will never be president in race for the race to the White House.


Yes, Jindal announced today that he will be bothering us for the next few months by running for president. Something fun to keep in mind: As of May, Jindal’s approval rating in his home state of Louisiana sat at a frosty 31%. With all the faith his constituents clearly have in his ability to manage a single state, it’s no wonder he thought it wise to try is hand at running an entire country.

Jindal’s announcement came through a bizarre video that was seemingly recorded from his home security system. I imagine his team was going for a casual, inside look into his family life vibe but it comes off like we’re awkwardly spying on a family meeting from a police van around the corner.

In the video, Jindal and his family sit in their backyard and discuss his faux candidacy. His children don’t express much emotion, probably because they have the sense and self-awareness to know that this is a waste of everyone’s time. For some reason, it seems that Bobby was the only one mic’d up because you can barely hear what his children and wife are saying. You can, however, hear one of his sons reciting what has to have been a line fed to him about loving Iowa and being excited about going back on the campaign trail.

The actual announcement is just one of SEVEN short videos uploaded to his site. The rest of the clips show Bobby getting his kid’s hope’s up with the promise of a puppy and imagining what life will be like living in the White House.

Still, in a way, I’m excited about Bobby Jindal’s run, because if this announcement is any indication, we are going to be in for one wild, poorly thought-out ride.

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I just don’t understand all these people who know that they are not electable joining the fray. I get that it’s because they’re power hungry and attention seeking. But it’s just such a huge waste of money—imagine if they put those funds towards something that would actually make a difference...