Bobbi Brown Is Leaving Her Namesake Cosmetics Brand

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Legendary cosmetics entrepreneur Bobbi Brown announced on Monday in a statement celebrating Bobbi Brown Cosmetics’ 25th anniversary that she will be leaving her namesake company. Brown wrote that the milestone, “made me realize it was time to start a new chapter and move on to new ventures.”


Estée Lauder Companies Inc, which owns Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, also announced on Monday that Brown will leave the company by the end of the year and that global brand president Peter Lichtenthal will continue to manage the business.

According to Women’s Wear Daily’s sources, Brown is expected to remain in the business world, but what her next project will be remains to be seen. Brown apparently has plans though, which she will divulge at some point next year.


Estée Lauder executive chairman, William P. Lauder, praised Brown for promoting natural makeup that enhances the wearer’s face rather than dramatically altering it. “More than two decades ago, we met an extremely creative makeup artist with a revolutionary idea that changed the way women feel about beauty,” said Lauder. “That idea grew into a highly successful, global beauty brand.”

I’m not giving up my sparkly hot pink eye shadow for any revolution, but, hey, it’s not for everyone.


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Ehh, I suppose it’s her prerogative. She can do what she wants to do.