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Bob Dylan Finally Spoke Some Words

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

You cannot rush words, as much as they may sometimes rush you.

Many were alarmed when Bob Dylan met the announcement of his Nobel prize in literature with silence, and then continued to say nothing for more than two weeks. Stockholm bros who love words were, needless to say, pissed.


But after the long wait, Dylan finally hit upon the perfect answer on Friday: he accepts. Also, according to an interview with The Telegraph (his first in two years), he will make it to the Nobel ceremony in Sweden this December, “if at all possible.”

Look, I get it. As a blogger (who, now, thanks to Dylan’s trailblazing win, is also eligible for a Nobel), I know how hard it is to think fairly quickly of words you wouldn’t mind putting in view of the whole world. Granted, I cannot take sixteen days to write this blog post, but I also understand that I am not Bob Dylan.


What it comes down to is that, because I started writing this blog post, I now have to finish it. If I suddenly decided to go off the grid, people would start asking questions, and when they did, I couldn’t just respond two weeks later, as Dylan did, with a “well, I’m right here.”

Now, you might be thinking, hey didn’t this guy just win the greatest award possible for words? And while that may be true

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The response of the Nobel committee when they couldn’t get in touch with him was hilarious:

If he doesn’t want to come, he won’t come,” said Ms Danius. “It will be a big party in any case and the honour belongs to him.”

So there Bob! They’re going to have fun anyways!