Bloomingdale’s Model Has Her Pelvis Digitally Removed And Is Somehow Still Standing

The description for this Max & Cleo Turtleneck Sweater Dress on sale at Bloomingdale's says it "boasts a waist-cinching belt for the most flattering fit." But, eek! Something a bit more severe than "cinching" seems to have occurred here.


Umm, wherefore art thou, hips? And where has her ass run off to? And, even more importantly, how does she remain upright when she appears to have no pelvis?

A close-up offers no answers to the miracle of how she's still standing, but it does illustrate what happens when one's dress is digitally made to drape over one's non-existent midsection. It's definitely not as flattering as the description claims.


Luckily, the real life model doesn't have to know the pain that must come from having your thighs attach directly to your ribcage. As you can see in this photo of the dress taken from another angle, she is in possession of a biologically normal bottom half. As midsections go, it's actually quite nice-looking. It's a shame they felt the need to give her a digital pelvisectomy.

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