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Blogger Who Lied About Having Cancer Still Hasn't Paid Fine for Tricking Readers

You might remember Belle Gibson, the popular Australian blogger who casually lied about having cancer, saying she cured it through diet and alternative medicine, and then admitted to never even having it. Nice gal!


Last year Victorian Federal Court ordered Gibson to pay a fine of $410,000 for duping consumers and lying that she donated money to charity. But sneaky little Gibson has still hasn’t paid the fine, despite the fact that she reportedly made $420,000 off of her blogging and her cookbook The Whole Pantry.

ABC reports that on Tuesday Consumer Affairs Victoria applied to have the court’s penalty orders amended to let them prosecute Gibson for “contempt of court” if they find out that she has the money and is refusing to actually pay up or is lying about being unable to pay it. And if she is found in contempt she could go to jail.


Do you think Gibson would be allowed to make kale smoothies in prison? I’m thinking no.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Potential Slayer

As an *actual* cancer survivor, I am disgusted by this woman. She preyed on the desperate, the sick, and the dying. Because of her, people likely forewent actual evidence-based medicine in favor of her dietary “cure.”