And this is what the wedding will look like: (Please note the bluebirds and mice).

Right now, it's not about the patriarchy, the monarchy, or some kind of oppressive role for women that involves being shackled to an inbred family and forced to produce heirs. It's not about the heteronormative only-a-man-can-fulfill-you message. For me, a royal romance harkens back to the innocence of childhood, of stories, myths and yes, fairy tales. It speaks of dreams, and daydreams, in which a girl could go from ordinary (yes, I know Kate's parents are millionaires) to royal in the blink of an eye, and suddenly have the world — and a horse-drawn carriage — at her feet. A fantasy where love is all that matters! Where living happily ever after is inevitable. Also: Woodland creatures!


And if you're not on board with that, well, you're really not going to like this Disney Princess tribute video.