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Blair & Nate's Blustery Buss

Illustration for article titled Blair  Nates Blustery Buss

[On the set of Gossip Girl, New York, February 3. Image via Splash.]


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Ok, so I don't watch Gossip Girl — I tried to watch it for that episode where Serena was going to explain how she killed someone (I read it on TWOP and was like, "Murder? OK, I can give this show a chance), which was so ridiculously melodramatic (not a judgment! just my interpretation!) and NON-MURDERY that I got angry and frustrated and stopped watching right after that Rando died of his overdose. Which is to say I never finished the episode.

But I still read the recaplets every once in a while on TWOP because the recapper is so into it and it kinda reads like a foreign language and ever since I started doing that I have been like, "OK, so Dan and Serena are banging in real life, so Dan = Penn and Serena = Blake. And Blair = Leighton Meister because she's all over everything and is really pretty, and Chuck = Ed Westick because he's also all over everything, and is really pretty. So who the fuck does Chace Crawford play?!?!" (Since he's the one I always see in tabloids).

That was a really long way of saying: OMG THANK YOU JEZEBEL, CHACE CRAWFORD = NATE!!!

(Also, that explains who this Nate kid is in all these recaplets)