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Blades Of Glory

Illustration for article titled Blades Of Glory

[Nagano, Japan; February 18, 1998. Image via Getty]

Surya Bonaly of France performs her short programme in the women's Olympic figure skating competition in Nagano 18 February. (Photo credit should read ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/Getty Images)


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Didn't she at one point, know that she had no chance to get a medal and so did her amazing backflip with one leg landing (that no one else, man or woman, can do) at the end of her long program, kind of as an FU to the judges (as that move was not allowed in competition and actually caused a point deduction)? I'm sure I'm not making this up and it seems like it was an important competition like the World or Olympics. I loved her for it. I agreed with her that her scores were never high enough, her style was just different, not lesser.