Black Woman Paints Her Body White to Protest Police Violence, Facebook Pulls Video

Image screengrab via YouTube
Image screengrab via YouTube

In a sad yet whimsical form of protest against police shootings of black people, a black woman on Facebook streamed video of herself covering her body in white paint in an attempt to detract attention from cops.


Daytona Beach native/hero Tashala Dangel Geyer started streaming via Facebook Live on Wednesday night. The fearless performance piece is a simple, powerful response to black death at the hands of America’s police force. In the video, Geyer addresses her “go white” theory to all the “black families, if you wanna survive” and says, “This the best shit I ever could’ve thought of. This saving my life.”

Clips of the 40-minute video have circulated despite Facebook’s and YouTube’s attempt to remove footage, per Fusion. Geyer has re-shared several screen-capped images on her Facebook page, as well as the restored video—“My video is back glad ppl got it cause fb took it down,” she wrote.

What looks like mere clowning around at first is actually an act of defiance we can all watch at home thanks to the joys of technology. “I see all you niggas, if you wanna survive, I’ma keep saying it: Go white. Just go white. Ooh, you’ll live a long time, honey,” Geyer says in the video. “Baby, I don’t want nothin’ brown on me...Police ain’t gon’ kill me goddamnit.”

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What is the possible reason for removing it? What Facebook policy does it violate? How can FB say this is a violation of their terms?