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Black & White

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[Berlin, May 18. Image via AP]

Model, Autorin und Menschenrechtsaktivistin Waris Dirie spricht am Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010, in Berlin bei einer Pressekonferenz anlaesslich der Vorstellung ihres neusten Buches "Schwarze Frau, weisses Land". (apn Photo/Berthold Stadler) —- Somalia-born model, author and human rights activist Waris Dirie addresses the media during the presentation of her latest book "Black Woman, White Country", in Berlin, Germany, Tuesday, May, 18, 2010. (apn Photo/Berthold Stadler)


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I didn't read the caption properly at first and thought that the model's name was "Autorin und Menschenrechtsaktivistin Waris Dirie," which is possibly the most difficult name to pronounce that I have ever seen.