Black Lives Matter Protester Tags Trump Hotel In Broad Daylight, Witnesses Shrug And Keep Walking


A Washington D.C. hotel belonging to Trumpelstiltskin (whose gift is turning billions of dollars into air molecules) was tagged on Saturday by a Black Lives Matter protester, to the general disinterest of everyone walking by.

The Trump International Hotel, located in Pennsylvania Avenue’s lovely Old Post Office building, is Trump’s latest acquisition; a property he finds so many opportunities to plug I wonder if his entire presidential bid is just a ploy for cost-free advertising.

The words “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice” (with “Peace” crossed out) were sprayed on the building’s facade on either side of the main doors. Video of the incident implies that the act went down during daylight hours, and that plenty of passersby witnessed it as it occurred, shrugged, and kept walking. One man decided to call the cops, but not before someone else shouted a warning to the tagger, who packed up and vanished swiftly into the crowd.

Built in 1899, the Old Post Office is not, in fact, owned by Trump—it’s a historic public building that is simply being leased to Trump. It opened in September following a $200 million renovation, which included no shortage of Trump’s name being stamped all over the exterior.

At some point, workers covered the graffiti with some plywood boards.

With only a few weeks until the election, fraying nerves are finally beginning to snap. Otherwise sane people are standing in front of Trump properties and giving them the finger. It’s unclear whether the vandal has been arrested, or if police are even bothering to look for him. We’ll update this story with more information as it becomes available.

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