Black Lives Matter

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WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 25: 4 year old Marley Hendrix Totten joins a group of protesters as they gather outside the headquarters of the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department as part of a planned '28 Hours for Mike Brown' protest. (Image by Win McNamee/Getty)

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I posted this on facebook, not to give more time to these people, but as a visual. I cannot speak on behalf of POC, nor should I try. But as a white woman, what I can do is call other white people out on their fucking bullshit when I see it. White the impassioned anger and truth being shared through #blacklivesmatter, then consider what you see here:

You may think "well, I'm not racist" but unless you commit yourself to supporting POC as an ally, these are the people you implicitly make your compatriots. And part of being a good ally is LISTENING when POC share their truths, rather than diverting attention to yourself and your thougts. It means signal boosting POC and their stories, rather than assuming your read on what's going on is most important. It means educating yourself, rather than demanding POC explain to you why something like #alllivesmatter is purposefully diversionary, or why their anger is justifiable, or why talking about rioting and looting rather than the lack of justice shown to a murdered child is part and parcel for the systemic silencing and demonization of black bodies and their experiences. And it means calling other white people on their utter bullshit...even when its uncomfortable, even when its a "friend", even when youd rather not. Because while we as white people have the privilege of choosing whether or not to shut our eyes and ears to this, to choose to do so is cowardly and makes us part of the problem. If we do not fight racism, we perpetuate it with our silence.