Black Friday Promises To Be A Great Day For Staying Home And Reheating Leftovers

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  • Retailers are crossing their fingers that you will buy some shit on Friday. Pretty please? Sam's Club is opening at 5a.m. — with complimentary breakfast. Target and J.C. Penney open at 4 a.m., with the latter offering 300+ "doorbusters." [WWD]
  • If you are an old person who gets her tech news from the Journal, then it will probably be very exciting to learn that if you have a smartphone, you can use it to navigate the various Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions and sales using these things called "apps"! [WSJ]
  • A mascara ad starring Georgia May Jagger for Rimmel London has been banned by the U.K. advertising watchdog for misleading viewers, because Jagger is in fact wearing false eyelashes. [Sun]
  • J. Crew has reached a deal to go private. It will sell itself for about $3 billion to two private equity firms. If shareholders approve the deal — and J. Crew has until January to court other offers — they'll be paid $43.50/share, slightly above Monday's closing price, but below the stock's $50+ highs of this past April. Also yesterday, J. Crew announced its quarterly results, which were somewhat less than impressive: net income declined by 14%, and same-store sales fell by 1%. [Dealbook]
  • The 11.8% stake owned by Mickey Drexler, J. Crew's C.E.O., is valued at around $328 million in the deal. [Dealbook]
  • Women's Wear Daily sees the transaction as evidence of an incipient trend: "Private equity firms flush with cash have been circling retail properties, which were forced to get leaner because of the recession and are inviting acquisition targets because of relatively low stock prices." [WWD]
  • In case you're curious, J. Crew's original name was Popular Club Plan. Which sounds strangely like a political party of the 1940s. [WWD]
  • Barricade the malls — Kristin Davis says all four leading ladies are for doing a third Sex And The City movie. [Vogue UK]
  • Meanwhile, in Russia, women sell their hair to the wash-and-sort middlemen who feed the hair extensions market in the West. The going price for a 16" braid in Mosalsk: $50. [NYTimes]
  • A £16 knock-off of Kate Middleton's now-iconic navy blue wrap dress sold out at Tesco in less than an hour. And it is a really bad knock-off at that. [Telegraph]
  • Next September, Karl Lagerfeld will be the designer to inaugurate Macy's new series of designer collaborations — that's Karl Lagerfeld the man (and the teddy bear inspiration), mind you, not Karl Lagerfeld the Chanel creative director or Karl Lagerfeld the Fendi designer. For his lesser-known namesake line, Karl Lagerfeld's idea of fun is to do things like cover motorcycle helmets in mink. And we all remember how bad Karl Lagerfeld for H&M was... [WWD]
  • Courtney Love is being sued by a jeweler who says she borrowed $114,000 worth of jewelry and failed to return it. Love says she lost it; the jeweler says that doesn't matter because she signed a contract admitting responsibility in case of loss. [HuffPo]
  • Lea T., the Brazilian transgender woman who was Riccardo Tisci's personal assistant, then left for veterinary school, then came back to be in one of Tisci's campaigns for Givenchy, and then woke up to fashion industry fame, is going to be on one of the last-ever episodes of Oprah. Since first modeling for Givenchy, Lea T. has given interviews to press from all over the world, posed fully nude for Vogue Paris, and been on the cover of a fashion magazine called Lurve. [Elle]
  • Here is Marc Jacobs and two models named Kristy and Katja Kaurova on the cover of Japanese Numéro. [DS]
  • Supermodel Erin O'Connor's former personal assistant has been accused of stealing more than £45,000 from her boss over the course of three years. She denies the charges; O'Connor is expected to give evidence at the trial. [Vogue UK]
  • Valentino threw a dinner for Joan Collins in New York. [P6]
  • Isaac Mizrahi bought a four-room apartment on West 12th St. in 1991 for $355,000. Since then, he's been slowly building up his holdings in the building, buying and expanding into a second, and then a third apartment. Now, he's paid more then $3.5 million for a fourth apartment, which will permit him to link up all his other apartments to create one enormous frankenapartment. "The combined apartment will have 2,912 square feet and about 1,000 square feet of terraces," reports the Journal. [WSJ]
  • The strange thing is that when leather-daddy starchitect Peter Marino goes to a Dior opening for a store he designed and jokes that he is wearing jewelry so valuable "This is oh-so-definitely on loan. I had to hawk my wife and kids for this" — he's not actually joking. He does in fact have a wife and kids. [WWD]
  • To fête its 15th anniversary, Jimmy Choo encrusted some of its old styles in Swarovski crystals, and then hired Marilyn Minter to photograph the results. [Vogue UK]
  • Jimmy Choo is also getting into the coveted leopard-print carry-on luggage market. [Harper's Bazaar]
  • H&M now owns the brand Cheap Monday and the Scandinavian fashion chains Weekday and Monki. The deal was worth around $79.4 million. [WWD]
  • Selfridges' newly opened shoe department — which, at 35,000 square feet (or roughly twelve Isaac Mizrahi superapartments) is claimed to be the largest in the world — sells 7,000 pairs of shoes a week, well above initial expectations. [Vogue UK]

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Only twice in my life have ever been shopping on Black Friday or Saturday, & even then it was purely coincidental. Over the past decade, my mom & I have skipped Thanksgiving a handful of times either because of work obligations or because we're too lazy to put in all the effort. We made it up to each other by getting together over the next few days, usually to go shopping. This has resulted in our obliviously showing up at Costco or Lord & Taylor on the busiest shopping day of the year, spending hours getting bumped & shoved & ignored by crazed sales staff before we look at each other & go, "Oh, yeah. Right..."