Blac Chyna's Long Transformation Into a Kardashian Has Begun Its Final Stage

Images via Paper.
Images via Paper.

Blac Chyna, the expecting mother of a future Kardashian kousin whose “six-part” KUWTK spinoff Rob & Chyna premieres next month, just posed nude on the cover of Paper. For anyone else, this would be a big deal. For a soon-to-be Kardashian, it’s Monday.

Though the photos won’t break the internet, they may, I don’t know, jiggle an ethernet cable or two out of a few wireless routers. Most maternity photos, as my more experienced coworkers noted, tend to look at lot like this. These aren’t action shots of a very pregnant Chyna—wearing nothing but a golden cape—diving off the edge of a cliff into a body of water populated by hundreds of dolphins. They’re just some well-lit pictures of a naked woman clutching her baby bump like it’s an old, delicate globe bequeathed to her in a dead great-grandparent’s will. She looks good!

E! provided a few details about the shoot Monday, writing that Kim “came by the shoot” to give “encouragement to Chyna.” Said Paper’s Abby Schreiber:

“They were chatting and it was funny because I was at the shoot in L.A. and before I left New York to head out there we thought it would be fun to bring a couple copies of the latest issues of Paper and of course I had to bring a copy of the Break the Internet issue because I just wanted to give them to Chyna and it’s kind of funny that Kim actually turned up and low and behold her magazine was on the table.”


To see more photos of Chyna in a few different versions of the “clutch your naked belly and your boobs like you’re surprised to see a camera but also feeling your look,” visit Paper’s website.

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Kat Marlowe

I’m loving the Venus of Willendorf vibes.

Why, yes, I have an art history degree! Thank you for asking.