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Blac Chyna Gets Onstage Lap Dance at Mariah Carey's Las Vegas Concert

On Saturday night, Blac Chyna attended Mariah Carey’s Las Vegas concert and was rewarded with a lap dance.


As E! News reports, the model was escorted onstage during Mariah’s performance of “Touch My Body” and seated on a plush bed. A male dancer performed a striptease for Chyna—and for the audience—while she was blindfolded. Meanwhile, Mariah tickled her with a luxurious pink feather.

Blac Chyna posted her thanks to Instagram after the show: “It was truly a honor to grace the stage with Mariah tonight,” she wrote. “The show was amazing & she was gorgeous!”


Earlier this month, Mariah bestowed the same treatment upon singer John Legend. His wife, the razor-witted Chrissy Teigen, lost her shit in the audience.

Video via YouTube. Image via Instagram.

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“Lap dance.”

This bit is so awkward and labored [a pun!]. Especially when you’re making a pregnant woman do all that work getting into a bed just to be blindfolded as a man strips for her for five seconds and then get quickly ushered back off the stage...

I do love that Mariah is like “I’m not touching anybody with my hands.”