Blac Chyna and Tyga Made a Sex Tape, and She’ll Sue the Hell Out of Anyone Who Leaks it

Blac Chyna, the woman currently engaged to Rob Kardashian, used to date (and, at one point, had a child with) Tyga, the man currently dating Rob’s half-sister Kylie Jenner. The two new couples have been happy lately, and I’ve felt confident assuming that Blac and Tyga’s issues were fully resolved.

I was wrong.

TMZ reports today that a sex tape of Blac and Tyga (presumably filmed years ago) is currently being “sent to media outlets and porn companies.” Chyna’s attorney “tells TMZ [she] will go after anyone who releases the tape ... with a vengeance.”


Good luck closing the deal, Kris!


Today in Beyoncé/Becky News That’s Almost Certainly Untrue But So Much Fun to Think About, Radar Online is reporting that “Becky” is not just some random nickname, but one Bey “has called Rachel for years.”


Writes Radar:

The source also told Radar that Beyonce uses the “Becky” nickname “so she never has to say Rachel’s name.”


If “Becky” ends up being Rita Ora, we’ll probably discover Bey used that nickname because she didn’t know her real one.





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