Björk Further Details Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Lars Von Trier

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After Björk posted a story on Facebook about a Danish director (believed to be Lars von Trier, who cast her in his 2000 film Dancer in the Dark) who, she alleges “sulked and punished me and created for his team an impressive net of illusion where i was framed as the difficult one” after she “turned [him] down,” von Trier claimed that her story was untrue. Now she’s posted a new statement further detailing the allegations against the notoriously difficult director.


Today, in a statement posted to her Facebook, Björk details in several bullet points detailed allegations against this director (who she still does not name) for his behavior on set. She claims the director kept touching her against her wishes and when she asked him to stop, after two months of this conduct, “broke a chair in front of everyone on someone who has always been allowed to fondle his actresses.”

This director also allegedly whispered “awkward paralysing unwanted whispered sexual offers from him with graphic descriptions” to Björk, sometimes in front of his wife, and threatened to climb from his balcony over to her room in the middle of the night with “clear sexual intention.” She also references how the press portrayed her as being difficult during filming, something she says was due to fabricated stories. It’s long been rumored that on the set of Dancer in the Dark Björk hated von Trier so much that she yelled that she despised him each morning and ate part of her own costume due to stress from the role.

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It’s straight from the standard abusers playbook. Don’t listen to the accuser because they are “difficult”, “crazy”, “want money”, are “vengeful”. It’s infuriating and devastatingly effective.