'Bitch Slap:' The Ladies of Downton Abbey Play Cards Against Humanity

For the first time ever Lady Edith, Mrs. Patmore, and Mrs. Hughes played the notoriously crass game Cards Against Humanity and they had a blast.


Laura Carmichael, Lesley Nicol and Phyllis Logan gathered to play everyone's favorite game that makes your aunt really, really uncomfortable. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now have Mrs. Patmore talking about farting.

"________: Good to the last drop," is the black card Nicol/Mrs. Patmore pulls. Their response cards are "Arnold Schwarzenegger" and "my sex life" (Oh Lady Edith. Think of the shame).


They had way, way too much fun doing this.

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Another damn kinja account

That was adorable, and I CANNOT get over how pretty Edith really is in real life,