Binge Watch 30 Rock While You Still Can Cause Come October It's Leaving Netflix

Photo: AP (the cast celebrating the show’s 100th episode way back when)
Photo: AP (the cast celebrating the show’s 100th episode way back when)

On Monday Gothamist reported, by way of Netflix Life, that 30 Rock will almost definitely be departing Netflix’s streaming service in October. I write this with a mixture of nostalgia and relief, for though my days of binge watching 30 Rock episodes a shocking number of times are behind me, the ritual was once a comfort as well as a devastating time-suck on my mortal life.


A writer at Netflix Life reported last week that while watching 30 Rock recently he noticed a banner at the top of the screen announcing 30 Rock was leaving Netflix on October 1. The news reportedly shows up on Netflix’ app as well. Looks like the story checks out.


Other NBC shows that are rumored to be leaving Netflix next month include Friday Night Lights and My Name is Earl.

In related news, basic white billboards that just say “Netflix is a joke” on them cropped up in New York and Los Angeles last week. Variety reported that they are in fact part of an authorized ad campaign for the streaming service, and not the antics of bored, ill-humored and car-bound rich person who forgot their Netflix password and can’t get into their email.

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Quick question: what’s your favorite 30 Rock episode? Mine is “Today you are a man”, hands down. Jack and Liz negotiating has me in stitches every time.