Billy Bush's Wife Sydney Davis Has Finally Filed for Divorce

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Billy Bush, he of the infamous grab-em-by-the-pussy Access Hollywood tape, has a wife, Sydney Davis, and she’s reportedly divorcing his ass.

It took long enough! Davis and Bush separated in September after almost 20 years of marriage, and one year after the incriminating audio leak.

TMZ, which obtained the relevant legal documents and broke the news, reports that Davis requested joint legal and primary physical custody of the couple’s kids, 13-year-old Lillie and 17-year-old Mary. The couple also has one adult child, Josie.


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A 21-year-old New Jersey woman named Susan Atrach was charged with 11 felony counts on Thursday for allegedly hacking into Selena Gomez’s email account and sharing information from it online. The charges include five counts of identity theft and five counts of computer hacking, Variety reports, and Atrach faces nearly 10 years in prison if convicted, says the Los Angeles Country District Attorney’s office.

Variety reports that while Gomez was famously hacked in 2017, an incident which led to nude photographs of her ex Justin Bieber being posted to her Instagram account, it’s not entirely clear whether these images are connected to the charges against Atrach.


Pregnant celeb alert!



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Sourdoh has gone away

Funny how Billy Bush is getting way more severe consequences than the guy who actually said "grab them by the pussy"