Single women are the fastest-growing voting population in the country: 55 million unmarried women will be voting in the upcoming election, and it goes without saying that they're not being courted by Romney/Ryan. When Ann Romney went off-script at the RNC to yell "I love you, women!" she later clarified that she was specifically addressing the "moms who always have to work a little harder, to make everything right."

This specificity is pretty indicative of the female voting split along marital lines: married women favor Romney 51 to 41%, while single women prefer Obama 63 to 23%. Obama's camp, on the other hand, has been targeting the group by releasing material like the Lena Dunham video, aimed at first-time female voters who are (ostensibly) in her unmarried demographic. On the flip side, there's this:

Bill O'Reilly, who obviously treasures the "Friend" half of the "Best Friend" charm necklace that he shares with ALL women, EVERYWHERE, knows just how important the single lady vote is. He makes this clear by sending O'Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters on a smirky man-on-the-street poll of 35-or-younger white women in sexy costumes out partying on Halloween night in New York. The women (or, judging by what Watters addresses, the womens' cleavage) are split about evenly between Romney and Obama (which is kind of amazing in itself) and their answers are, of course, edited at the producers' discretion. At one point, Watters asks one woman sardonically: "You're like, a radical feminist, right?" Also spliced in are clips of sexy women in bars from movies.

At the end of the , O'Reilly jokes that Watters "never came back from the assignment." WINK. Get it? Because he spent all night doing It. With a Skanky Costume Girl.


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