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What's That Gross, Wet Sound? Bill O'Reilly Slithering Back on to TV, of Course

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Because there is always room for things to be just a little more horrible, Bill O’Reilly will be crawling out of the gutter in which he dwells to host a show on the conservative network The First.


O’Reilly was fired from Fox News in 2017 after so many sexual harassment complaints were made against him that advertisers fled in droves, making it impossible for the network to justify keeping him. But 2017 was a lifetime ago Male Redemption years, and now, unfortunately, he’s back.

The show, called No Spin News, is one that he already produces on his website, only now it will be broadcast. Lucky us. In an announcement, O’Reilly said,

“The success of with millions of users will now accelerate with our partnership,” O’Reilly said in the announcement. “The First will create and distribute honest, corporate-free news and commentary which is desperately needed in America.”


I can think of at least a few thousand things we need more desperately than O’Reilly’s particular brand of racism and misogyny, but if we got anything good, this wouldn’t be 2020.

O’Reilly has been trying to make a comeback ever since he was ousted, most recently in 2018 at Newsmax. Prior to that, he’d been in talks with Sinclair Broadcasting, until the network said it had “no interest in hiring O’Reilly.”

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Arcanum Five

A bit short on details from that sneaky link back to Deadspin, no?

The First is an OTT channel (over-the-top, or “over the top” of your TV through a set-top box of some kind) that comes in through your Roku on Pluto TV or via some similar half-assed semi-TV system. This is barely TV. In some ways, it’s actually a step down from YouTube. 

It’s not like he’s coming back nightly on Fox. If you want to watch Nose Pin News, you’re going to have to hunt for it.

And “The First”? Did they workshop that through some folks who watched the latest Star Wars movies and thought the First Order was the team to support?