Bill O'Reilly Attacks Radical Ideologue Jennifer Aniston

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Jen recently acknowledged the concept of single motherhood, and that dangerous insight isn't slipping by O'Reilly unnoticed! After all, "Aniston can hire a battery of people to help her, but she cannot hire a dad." SO TRUE.


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Okay I just want to say this about that: My father split when I was a baby and moved away, and mom raised my sister and I alone until I was about 10 years old. Mom went to work so my sister and I basically raised ourselves. We got super-tough and resourceful because of it. Dad was a jerk who we saw at Xmas vacation and for 1 week in the summer.

What happens when girls grow up without a father figure in their lives during their formative years?

Early onset of menstruation: []

Diminished cognitive development and poor school performance: []

Teen pregnancies - and having sex too young in general: []

I was textbook, except by some miracle I did not get pregnant during my teen years. It was seriously a miracle.

Now, if there were 2 parents (of whatever genders) paying attention in our house I woud image it would have been much better for us.

I do think that kids need a male role model, even if it's a family friend or an "Uncle whomever". We didn't have that and I think anyone payting attention would have noticed. Oh well!