Bill Maher Doesn't Hate Sarah Palin Because She Has Boobs, But Because She Is One

Bill Maher addresses accusations that he's a misogynist by saying that he doesn't dislike Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann because they are women, but because they're "crazy people."


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Oh, Bill. No one thinks you're a misogynist because you criticize two crazy women politicians. We think you have sexism issues because:

1. You routinely assume all women are a certain way, namely status obsessed, vain, uninformed, and emotional. These are cornerstones of your jokes or comments on anything from unethical diamond farming to the thin beauty ideal to liking to control men via marriage. It always comes back to the chestnut that women are really the ones controlling everything with their magic vagina's and diamond obsessions.

2. You completely and totally negate the influence of culture in either your own bias or the way women are treated, raised, and view themselves. Your only saving grace is that you're (thankfully) pro-choice. But you seriously need to work on the rest of it.

3. You think female teachers who abuse their male students are not really abusers. Because they don't have penises and can't penetrate. And because sometimes boys fantasize about their teachers, it's totally okay for a grown woman to molest a 13 year old boy. Only it isn't and this is a really painful example of sexism. Because abuse is abuse.

4. You kinda have an issue with objectifying women for the sake of jokes/comments that are not about criticizing objectification. I have a really off sense of humor and even I can tell it's more venom than humor.

5. You recently used the "women have it worse elsewhere" bingo card in a discussion about issues with women's equality here in the states. No one is denying that being stoned to death for being female, or raped as a war tactic are not worse. It doesn't mean there aren't issues here, too.

And there are lots of other examples. Much of the time it's casual, ingrained sexism. The kind of things most people just take for granted as "true" because they've heard them so many times. I agree that the main reason he criticizes Palin and Bachman and those others is because they're awful. But he ALSO employs sexism to do it sometimes and that's not okay.

Finally...being an atheist does not make you exempt from sexism because some religions are "worse" about it. That's arguable as the atheist community is currently having a huge discussion about misogyny, conferences, and some pretty crap statements by Dawkins. Just because you don't believe in god doesn't mean you can't still be messed up when it comes to sexism.