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Bill Donohue Is A Cynical Bigot, Part One Million

Illustration for article titled Bill Donohue Is A Cynical Bigot, Part One Million

All the debate over gay marriage was missing was someone calling it the "upper class white man's burden. Enter Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, always ready to commit maximum offense on television.


Donohue's trolling tactics — on abortion and homosexuality, in cynically accusing everyone of anti-Catholic bias, in making excuses for pedophiliac abuses — are well-documented, as is progressive agita over the fact that this man is constantly given a mainstream media platform. Here he is on a local New York channel, ranting about how "the prong has to penetrate the socket," and how we should be penalizing teenage girls who get pregnant.


It's not that you shouldn't engage with idiots sometimes (we're not ones to throw stones here) as long as you properly push back. But what is there left to debate now that the bill has been signed into law, religious exemptions at all, and no one is legally or politically challenging it? Let not relevancy stand in the way of incendiary television.

As for his contention that gay marriage is considered insane in other parts of the world, no one tell him the Argentines legalized it and several other countries recognize it.

Bill Donohue's Rant Against Marriage Equality [Think Progress]

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I don't get how religious people think everyone has to follow their religion. Jesus. Separation of Church and State, motherfuckers. It's been around since The French Revolution. It is not a new concept!