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Bill Cosby's Sentencing Date Set for September

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Last month, after so many years of hardly daring to imagine it possible, Bill Cosby was finally found guilty of something: three counts of committing aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand in 2004, at his Philadelphia home.


Each count could carry as many as 10 years in prison, but CNN reported on Tuesday that Cosby won’t be sentenced until September 24 and 25, according to a ruling on Tuesday by Judge Steven T. O’Neill, who presided over his trial. The actual sentence is expected to be well below the maximum, according to CNN.

Since April 26, Cosby has been under house arrest at his Pennsylvania home, which he’s been released to on a $1 million bail. He may leave only under special circumstances, including for medical reasons.


The New York Times talked to a Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer without connections to the Cosby case, Lloyd Long, who said that five months elapsing between the conviction and sentencing is unusually excessive, but not surprising in this case, as the defense may be requesting more time to prepare mitigating evidence.

Coby’s defense team has said it plans to appeal his conviction.

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The defense will try absolutely everything to get the sentence overturned or at least time served to the absolute minimum (although they’ve already tried every angle), but lets face it. He’s not going to live much longer. He’ll die in jail. No sympathy here.