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Bill Cosby's Lawyers Aim to Dismiss Defamation Suit By Friday

Illustration for article titled Bill Cosbys Lawyers Aim to Dismiss Defamation Suit By Friday

This week, Bill Cosby's lawyers plan to ask a federal judge to toss a defamation lawsuit filed by three woman who say the comedian sexually assaulted them.


According to the AP, Tamara Green, Therese Serignese and Linda Traitz, all of whom say Cosby either drugged, raped, groped or attempted to drug them in the 1970s, say Cosby denied his alleged actions and "branded them as liars." For this, they are seeking an undisclosed sum of money for compensatory and punitive damages.

The civil lawsuit was filed in a U.S. District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts, about 45 miles from Cosby's home, and would allow the women's allegations to be heard since the criminal statutes of limitations have expired.


At this point, the women's lawyers expected Cosby's attorneys to file a motion to dismiss and the two sides will be volleying paperwork back and forth well into spring.

Cosby, of course, denies any and all wrongdoing and has not been charged with any crimes, but just earlier this week, Richard Pryor's widow Jennifer Lee called Cosby a "piece of shit" who is a "fucking hypocrite, and dirty on the inside," so ...

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This is what I've been wondering about. If Cosby is telling the truth, why doesn't he sue the shit out of everyone who says he is a rapist? Oh that's right, he has no leg to stand on, so if he fights it in court, he will only open the floor for further investigation. I can understand why they are trying to throw it out.