Bill Cosby Will Spend His Summer Teaching Young People How Not to Be Charged With Sex Crimes

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

On Wednesday, Bill Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt announced to Birmingham, Alabama Fox News affiliate WBRC that Cosby will spend his suddenly free summer touring around the country, speaking to young people in town halls about how not to be charged with sexual assault, and, yes, it’s exactly as bad as you’re thinking.


Wyatt stressed the need for more education on the statutes of limitations for being charged with a sex crime, which is, quite frankly, disgusting. Cosby spokesperson Ebonee Benson told WBRC, “Laws are changing. The statute of limitations for victims of sexual assault are being extended. So this is why people need to be educated. A brush against the shoulder, anything at this point, can be considered sexual assault and it’s a good thing to be educated about the laws.”

According to Wyatt, avoiding being a sex criminal is a big issue for the youths, “particularly young athletes,” but also, “you know, married men.” Uh huh.

Wyatt told Deadline on Thursday, “We have received hundreds of calls from civic organizations and churches who want to hear Mr. Cosby speak at town halls about the issue of criminal justice, how the deal he was given was taken away and the Willie Horton style ad that got the current D.A. in office and after Mr. Cosby.” Wyatt added that “These organizations fear for young men and women today; this is bigger than Bill Cosby.”

Birmingham will definitely be one of the cities on Cosby’s getting-out-of-sex-crime-charges tour, and possibly Chicago and Detroit, and a whole bunch of other cities, says Wyatt. The project’s planning is in early stages—after all, Cosby’s mistrial was only declared last week!

Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who attended every day of Cosby’s criminal trial, called the workshop a, “transparent and slick effort to attempt to influence the jury pool from which jurors will be selected for his second criminal trial,” and told Deadline it was all about the “optics.” Although the optics look pretty terrible to me.

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Queen of Bithynia

The fact that he feels inclined to publicly gloat about getting away with it really underscores the sociopathic impulses underlying what he did.