Bill Cosby Sues Andrea Constand for Talking to Cops About Her Assault

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What would the world be like without some terrible Bill Cosby news? We’ve forgotten. This week, the fallen comedian is suing Andrea Constand, a woman he’s currently charged with drugging and raping, for repayment of a civil settlement sum he paid her in 2005—which stipulated that she remain quiet about his alleged assault against her.


Cosby’s lawyers say that Constand and her mother spoke with police last year, which allowed authorities to charge him in December 2015, just before the incident’s statute of limitations expired. According to the Associated Press, Constand breached the confidentiality agreement.

“Despite being under no legal obligation to discuss any aspects of the events and allegations, … and despite being expressly prohibited from disclosing such information to anyone, Andrea Constand volunteered to participate and disclosed such information to the district attorney and others,” Cosby’s lawyers wrote in a redacted version of the Feb. 1 lawsuit that was filed Thursday.

Constand’s lawyers say there’s a provision in their client’s legal agreement with Cosby allowing her to speak with authorities, and if his attorneys push to stop that, it’s “obstruction on the part of the lawyers who drafted it.”

In his lawsuit, Cosby is seeking full repayment of his settlement with Constand—including ten years of interest!—along with damages from his alleged victim, her mom, their lawyers and The National Enquirer’s publishing company American Media Inc., which has been covering the case. Ultimately, that sum might amount to millions that Constand, who works as a massage therapist in Canada, doesn’t have.

Constand’s lawyer Dolores Troiani, one of the attorneys named in the suit, wants to fight this case.

“Cosby is requesting the court permit him to make accusations and statements regarding the underlying settlement while restricting the ability of the public to scrutinize those accusations,” their response said.


Just when we thought Cosby couldn’t sink any lower, he surprises us!

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