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Bill Cosby is reportedly seeking a plea deal to avoid trial and jail time on charges of felony aggravated indecent assault after failing to keep out of court a 2005 deposition in which he admitted to drugging women before having sex with them.

While neither a Cosby representative nor the Montgomery County, Pa., District Attorney’s Office has commented on the matter, a “source close to the Cosbys” told Page Six that Cosby “and his family, including his wife, Camille, are adamant that Bill won’t be able to convince a jury to let him off...Cosby and his family believe he’ll be eligible for a sentence of just probation and remove the threat of him dying in prison.”


The source continues:

“They are hoping that the district attorney will feel as though he’s won with a plea deal and they’re thinking that the DA will consider Cosby’s age, his medical condition, the fact that he’s paid the victim on the case millions, and the fact that his career is over.”


Cosby currently stands accused of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, then a Temple University student, in 2004. In total, he has been accused of raping approximately 60 women.

According to the source, Cosby has remarked that the trial is “fixed,” adding that he stands “no chance” at winning.