Bill Cosby Lashes Out in Court: 'He Doesn't Have a Plane, You Asshole'

Cosby walks after the guilty verdict was announced Thursday.
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NORRISTOWN, Pennsylvania—Upon hearing the guilty verdict, District Attorney Kevin Steele almost immediately asked for Bill Cosby’s bail to be revoked, noting the serious charges on which Cosby was just convicted: three counts of indecent aggravated sexual assault. Judge Steven O’Neill pushed back, saying that Cosby’s bail already was fairly high and that Cosby hadn’t missed a single court appearance.

When Steele argued for his position, he talked about Cosby’s many resources, some of which had come up during the trial. Steele mentioned a plane, and plane records had been a part of the defense’s evidence. As Steele talked about how Cosby can get “to anyplace in the world” the legendary funnyman, who is also now a convicted man, suddenly blurted out:

“He doesn’t have a plane, you asshole!”

From there, it was hard to hear what Cosby said next. Everyone in the courtroom immediately began whispering and moving in their seats to see what happened, causing a huge creaking noise as all the wooden benches shifted at once. Within a few minutes, the commotion settled down, and O’Neill and Steele got back to debating bail.


Ultimately, O’Neill was not moved by Steele’s arguments today, telling the district attorney to file a motion laying out his argument and then O’Neill would rule. Cosby already has given up his passport and was told by the court that he cannot leave his home unless there first is a bail hearing or he is fitted with a GPS device or some other measure is taken.

Cosby awaits sentencing, which could take months; a date has not yet been set.

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