Bill Cosby Is Going to Trial, Whether He Wants to Or Not

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A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that Bill Cosby’s criminal trial will continue despite his lawyers’ attempt to stop the proceedings with an appeal. This is the latest action against Cosby’s ‘I’m too famous to be on trial’ legal strategy.


On December 30, Cosby was charged with aggravated indecent assault in connection to the case of Andrea Constand, who alleges he sexually assaulted her in 2004. Earlier this month, Judge Steven O’Neill ruled that there was sufficient evidence to proceed to trial. In response, Cosby’s lawyers, whose tactic is to appeal literally everything and anything to halt the actor’s slow march toward justice, tried to appeal Judge O’Neill’s ruling in hopes of delaying the next preliminary hearing on March 8, but O’Neill tossed their legal maneuver. From ABC News:

“An immediate appeal from these orders would not materially advance the ultimate termination of the matter,” the judge wrote in a brief order.

Cosby is currently free on $1 million bail at his home in Massachusetts, where his wife Camille is probably being drilled by lawyers in preparation for her upcoming deposition in a separate defamation case.

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

last time they trotted Cosby out, they dressed him in the big “frail old man” cardigan and gave him the blind man sunglasses and cane. What do you think they’ll do if he goes to court?

My guess he’ll be in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank, like that scene in “Goodfellas” where all the old mob bosses were on trial.