As part of his ongoing campaign to get in one last shot at his political foes while selling memoirs, Dick Cheney suggested earlier this month that Hillary Clinton would be a better Democratic presidential candidate in 2012 than President Obama. Yesterday on Face the Nation, Bill Clinton showed he's too quick to be tripped up by Cheney's rabble-rousing. Clinton said:

"Well, you know, I'm very proud of her, and so I'm always gratified whenever anyone says anything nice about her. I very much agree that she's done a good job. But, I also have a high regard for Vice President Cheney's political skills ... and I think one of those great skills is sowing discord among the opposition. I think he's right that she's done a heck of a good job, but she is a member of this administration and committed to doing it and I think he, by saying something nice about her in the way that he did it, knew that it might cause a little trouble. I don't want to help him succeed in his political strategy, but I admire that he's still out there hitting the ball."

Cheney, who was on the program after Clinton, responded: "I just thought the Democrats ought to have as much fun on their side as we're having on our side." Apparently we're supposed to be enjoying the Republican race, not trembling from a mixture of rage and terror.