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Beyond Bryan Singer: More Hollywood Sex Abuse Lawsuits to Be Announced

Illustration for article titled Beyond Bryan Singer: More Hollywood Sex Abuse Lawsuits to Be Announced

A lawyer for Michael Egan, the man who says that he was raped and drugged by director Bryan Singer as a teenager, says he will announce three new lawsuits against Hollywood executives whom Egan claims also sexually abused him during a Monday afternoon press conference.

The lawsuits will be filed in Hawaii, as Singer's was, against men who allegedly traveled there to the Paul Mitchell estate and abused young boys. Lawyer Jeff Herman told HuffPoLive that the reason Singer's case was announced first was purely due to "procedural steps" and that he and his team have been "getting things in order" to file the other suits. All will be revealed by Thursday, which is when the statute of limitations on these allegations runs out.

Over the weekend, Herman also told The Hollywood Reporter that he had multiple witnesses that could prove Singer was in Hawaii during the time of his abuse of Egan. Singer's lawyer has denied that and said that he has documents proving otherwise. Herman also said he's "receiving emails hourly" from victims of cases like this. Considering the number of people who have come out of the woodwork to discuss Singer's past sexual activity (legal or not legal) without the possibility of monetary compesation, that's not surprising.


Image via Damian Dovarganes/AP

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