Beyoncé's 'Party' Video Is Overrun By Sexed-Up Trailer Park Hipsters

Yes, it certainly feels as though Beyoncé is releasing new music videos at the speed of light, but those who have been waiting for the one track most likely to be her hit single can rest easy, for "Party" is here. The music video is exactly what the song implies, a party — but it takes place in a trailer park (where there's plenty of room for her to park her $500,000 minivan). The beat is good, Beyoncé looks fabulous, we've got B's sister Solange playing the role of D.J., and former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland in the crowd. Yet Andre 3000 — who figures into the original track — has been replaced by J Cole in the video. Maybe Andre just wasn't that into the trailer park idea, or he's distancing himself from whatever the hell Beyoncé's word "swagu" really means.


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Sorcia MacNasty

This video does not make me want to party. It makes me want to fry a bologna sandwich and sit on my porch couch eating cheetos, wearing rollers.