Beyoncé's New Pepsi Ad Features Flawless Beyoncé in a Room of Flawless Beyoncés

Look, I'm not stupid enough to believe that Beyoncé drinks soda, but I do believe that she can, sorceress-like, conjure doppelgängers of herself to dance with and shatter a room full of mirrors with one whip of her hair. No question.


[Pop Justice]

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She's not "iconic" enough for this to work. Britney, Gaga, Michael Jackson, Madonna... this ad would have been amazing for them.

Beyoncé is just way too bland to pull this off. If it weren't for Single Ladies in there nobody but her hardcore fan bases would have gotten it... and I doubt more than a third of the people watching it get it now.

Am I off base? She just isn't that well known for her "theming" of her eras.

Also, like she's every tasted this poison. Now, if it were some kind of blessed purified water collected by monks for $500 a bottle with promises to make you younger than yes, I'd believe her drinking it.

EDIT: I'm saying iconic from a VISUAL standpoint for each era. Not legendary performer or number of hit songs.

The single lady get up does not even compare with the Slave snake or that school girl outfit. It barley compares with the red leather catsuit and the Circus stuff.

I meant visually. Come on. Let's be honest here.