Beyoncé Tells Oprah Jay-Z Is Her 'Foundation,' Kinda Makes It Sound Like She'd Be Nothing Without Him

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In sneak peeks from the "exclusive" episode of Beyoncé on Oprah's Next Chapter — which airs this Saturday, right before Queen B's documentary — the singer, for once, reveals a lot about herself. She discusses doing a show three months after giving birth, "which was really crazy"; she'd gained 57 lbs. while knocked up.


But as Oprah asks about balancing the "fierce, independent woman" with being a wife, Bouncy credits Jay-Z for giving her the love and stability to be who she is:

I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to that man.

She wants us to know she loves being a wife, loves her husband, and that he's helped her in "so many ways." Lest ye forget: She's calling her concert series the Mrs. Carter tour. Look, obviously she's in love and that's cool, and a rock-solid marriage is nothing to scoff at, but. And this is slightly nitpicky. But! Wouldn't you like to believe she'd be amazing whether or not she went home to a man? (She would be.) It's a much better message when she talks about how powerful she is as a woman and what a woman can do — without mentioning Mr. Carter.

For instance! Beyoncé is on the cover of the new issue of The Gentlewoman, and inside, she says:

I'm controlling my content, controlling my brand and archiving it for my daughter and making sure she has it and she respects it but there's not enough of us that become moguls. And I think there are many ways to get there.

Yes. Thank you. That's what we're talking about.

Anyway. Bey also talking to Oprah about "letting go" of her father as her manager and about her miscarriage and, lots of stuff. Clips below.


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I don't think these comments are at all anti-feminist or diminishing her power and influence. As a strong, independent, ambitious, rabid-feminist of a woman, I can still say that I would not be who I am or have achieved what I have without my husband. Not because he's a man and I need that, but because having the love of someone who is endlessly encouraging and supportive has helped me take greater risks and has inspired me every day to be just a little bit better. It's not about gender. It's about love and support and the role that can play in a person's success.

And FYI, my husband would and does say the EXACT same thing about me and the role I play in his life.