BeyoncĂ© is suing a clothing company called FeyoncĂ©, Inc. over copyright infringement. The singer says the defendants have ignored her requests to halt sales of their products, and that FeyoncĂ©, Inc. is causing BeyoncĂ©, Inc. “irreparable harm.”

The FeyoncĂ© outfit has made their money in apparel, selling tops and bottoms emblazoned with sayings like “FeyoncĂ©: He put a ring on it,” according to Rolling Stone, pulling from the singer’s “Single Ladies” hit. It’s kind of cute, but Beyoncé’s name is trademarked, and the company’s earned themselves a lawsuit in a Manhattan federal court.

BeyoncĂ© is seeking undisclosed damages. This suit follows a similar one last year, regarding Etsy mugs emblazoned with “FeyoncĂ©,” which were eventually pulled.

Image via Getty.